I have a website already, can you move it?


      We can move your website to our server by you providing the username and password for the web hosting account as well as the domain name so we can update the records. This process usually only takes a few hours once we begin. We charge a flat rate fee of $99 USD for this service compared to most companies who charge upwards of $150 to move your website for you.

      Do you have a control panel that I can use?

      We offer cPanel as our exclusive web control panel. cPanel is interfaced with the operating system of the hosting machine and will allow you to add new email accounts, forwarders and much, much more. You can get to your control panel by going to https://www.tblhosting.com/cpanel.

      Can I monitor my disk space and bandwidth usage?

      You can monitor all of your disk space usage and bandwidth usage by logging into your cPanel account.

      How much does additional bandwidth cost?

      Your account is allotted a certain amount of bandwidth per month, if you go over quota then you will need to allot more bandwidth. The price of bandwidth varies and depends on the market cost at the time it is purchased. We will let you know if you go over bandwidth and how much more bandwidth would cost you when and if it happens.

      Can I upgrade my account?

      Upgrading your account is as simple as logging into our billing area and choosing to upgrade your service. You can get there by going to https://billing.tblhosting.com or you can submit a ticket and we will assist you.

      How long does it take to set up a new account?

      Our basic and premier packages are set up immediately once payment has been received. For our managed WordPress packages, we will manually activate them since some setup is required on our part. You will receive an email notification when this process is complete and it usually only takes a few hours.

      Can I use my account for commercial purposes?

      Absolutely. In fact, our primary clientele are businesses. We can help you in setting up an e-commerce store on your website where you can accept payments and transactions as well as track your orders and get them shipped to your customers quickly and efficiently.

      Can I subdivide my space and resell it?

      We do not permit reselling of your hosting account. This is in violation of our terms of service.

      What type of content can I host? Can I host pornographic material?

      The type of content that we allow to be hosted on our servers is pretty broad. The the things that we do not permit and will take action on include pornography, racial hate/bias, malicious software downloads, file sharing, etc. For more information on this, please see our terms of service.